Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A New Kid on the Block...

Just discovered Bella BLVD...

They only have a couple of lines, but they are totally usable in those soft hues and non-offensive designs. (You know the type of designs that you would be happy to wallpaper on at least one wall in your home, or even cover your dining room chairs with...)
It sort of makes me miss the Chatterbox heyday - heck they were delicious (still are) designs... totally easy to work with, nothing too jarring or stomach churning. Colours would be perfect in my ultra-beige'd out home... and I could scrap the crappiest pictures and still end up feeling satisfied with the results.

So - with a birthday approaching, what does the girl that has everything (scrap related) put on her wish list?!! Answers on a postcard, as I am stumped. I would like a range cooker... but I think I need a new house for that ;)

...was also browsing SEE HERE as Patrick's crennies had me in creases ;)

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