Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nirvana (aka so spa, so good ;)

It was my birthday over the weekend, and Paul treated me *big time* to a whole day at a luxurious {aptly named} spa "Nirvana". Even better...I had my bezzy mate along for the ride (and the detoxing fruit juice was flowing like water...)
I cannot recommend enough the merits of totally letting go of all your troubles, and sinking into a floatation pool filled with 100 tonnes of dead sea salt minerals... as well as soaking in hydrotherapy jets which pummel all those cares and stress knots away... and hanging out in a menthol-steeped steam room. I am sure all my pores were gagging for a good plunge pool *huge gasp it is flippin cold* by the end of the day. I did also discovered my fav new beauty saviour by JESSICA... lovely nails (at last!!)
Anyways, it is all a distant memory (much like those elusive holidays) and today is D-DAY (or at least P-DAY on QVC!!) Clare & Kirsty hit the big time at 4pm when they premier live on QVC UK. I have everything crossed for them - as I am sure they will be brilliant! They are both naturals when it comes to gassing about crafting... so tune in, and enjoy an hour with the gals ;)
Becks xxx


Chris said...

Wow what a fabulous birthday treat it looks amazing :)
Will be watching out for Clare and Kirsty on QVC... all ready to sit with my coffee and chocolate to enjoy watching their demos :)

Kate said...

SO looking forward to seeing the girls on QVC have a reminder set on my phone in case I forget!!

Wendy said...

i am seriously jealous!!! glad you had a good birthday!

Chriss Rollins said...

what a lovely pressie, the floatation pool is amazing and I love Jessicas goodies too.
Boo Hoo didnt get to watch the girls on QVC ...dropped DGD off at school and lost my front door keys and they were not found until after the show.
But My pal Chris told me all about it.
chriss x