Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cute & Cuddly... Trend

Forever Friends has been hitting the headlines in the craft world. It seems that card makers especially cannot get enough of "cute n cuddly". I was chatting to Hallmark this last week, and we are definitely a nation of two halves. Cute being one of them! 74% of us recognise Forever Friends as a brand, and it has been establishing its brand in our Psyche for 21 years... no small feat for a tubby beige bear.

As a trend, this probably transcends seasonality... and becomes staple fodder for that insatiable appetite for cute n cuddly.

I have to admit that I am more heavily soaked (marinated) in cute since having 2 little girls. They seem to bring out the *fluffy* side of me. I even have ordered some of these bears (watch out for them on sale in craft stores!!!) as Christmas pressies... just could not resist ;)

So trends 2009 is going to have CUTE N CUDDLY as a must-have... even if it is no-where near the fashion catwalks of CHA, it will be dominating the craft industry in the UK. You just have to look to Joanna Sheen, and also the new Daisy & Dandelion (to be unveiled 09) brand...!! You have been warned ;)

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Lisa said...

Oooo simply adorable!! am having a blog candy giveaway, for more info pop over to my blog.