Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Four...

It is a little unreal to be in Hong Kong. My parents have visited here before - and I have seen the pictures, but it is something totally different to visit it for yourself! I managed to bump into some familiar faces at the show we are attending, which was a miracle in itself as the place is HUGE!!

We head to Shanghai tonight, and then it is into REAL China (Hong Kong is pretty 5-Star.) My credit card has dust accumulating, as there is absolutely no time to shop (...CHA means it takes a real beating, which is why I love going to the US ;)

Hello to my kiddies - who I am missing A LOT. When you are away you actually miss HUGGING. I am not about to hug Hols and TB... and am looking forward to getting home, to my own bed and my own family.

Just discovered too that Anthony Heywood is the QVC personality who will be hanging out with me for 2 hours on the 28th (4-6pm show)... so should be fun!!


Jane said...

OHg what a fab photo that is with that old chinese traditional boat!

Ruth said...

I checked the QVC website the other day and it says you're on 2-4. I'd hate you to miss it!x