Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day Two...

I spotted this cow and fell in love with it.
Not that I am about to leave my husband or anything for a foam cow... but it's big googly eyes were dead cute, and I could not resist.
A bloke made this - and I said that in his honour I would post his grand achievement publicly... as he was dead proud about his *I CAN craft* fuzzy warm feeling.
Today was spent out of the sunshine in offices and meetings. It is what I am here to do I guess, so can't complain. I did manage to pep the proceedings up with off-key karaoke in the car, as well as a night at TGI Fridays with Benji (superstar)... I now have belly-ache from laughing and a doggy bag crammed full of brownie {as promised} for Holly.

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Amie said...

Wait a sec... Is this Benji the same Benji that's Rob's brother? Am I totally off here, or is that right?