Thursday, October 02, 2008

Food Cloning...

I recently discovered (via a mate) a series of books by supremo FOOD CLONER; Todd Wilbur. The bloke basically gets into the nitty gritty details of what makes a TGI Friday burger rock, and what makes The Cheesecake Factory white chocolate cheesecake taste so good... and then he creates a clone recipe for Jo Public to recreate in their own kitchens.

It is a stroke of brilliance (albeit US restaurant recipes) and although there can be niggling issues with laying your British Hands on some of the ingredients... but it is still worth a nosey, and even adding to that ever growing Christmas Wish List (start early to give the poor boys a chance ;)

SPOTTED: Today I was at a trade event, and got to drool over the delicious Lucy Cromwell designs (from Hallmark) which you can sneak a limited peak at HERE. They are this stunning soft (yet vivid) watercolour type images... just delightfully classic, like a modern traditional touch of chic. I also spotted Lily of the Valley & Jolly Nation (decoupage lines for those non-UK'ers) exhibiting - so lots of cross overs! One of my fav booths was BORN TO SHOP! How many of us adore their sassy phrases, and have fridge magnets aplenty reminding us that "Kids get colds, Men get Flu, and Women just get on with it..."

Off to polish my shoes, I have visitors from the US coming tomorrow and I need to be looking dapper ;)
Becks xxx

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