Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Peeuw... the inside of pumpkins stink!

Half Term... and I am surely in good company with every other parent in the country who is counting down the hours until Monday morning ;) I shouldn't complain, as I have been super indulgent with my family time, and today we went *all out* on the pumpkin carving.

Sometimes you just need to put the camera down and get your fingers dirty!! Pumpkin flesh ingrained in your nails is the ideal reminder that being a mother is not for the faint hearted (esp. during the toilet training years ;)

Spotted: New lines from Making Memories. Love the detail on their ribbon sliders... and the new tickets (very Jenni Bowlin!!) Flower Patch is very pastel, and appeals to my lighter side. It also has a hot trend that will explode into the scrapbooking market in 09 - Butterflies. We have had our owls and birds... and now it is time for the wee little insects with wings. They already hold their own in the card market in the UK... but watch how they muscle in on the limelight in the scrap scene.
Becks xxx

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Julia Dunnit said...

Goodness, how like you is your little cutie!! Got in a panic reading this, thought you might have gone all Martha S on us and added a ton of recipes for the left over slush from the pumpkin!
Best Witches!