Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So... you *think* you are happy with your current camera strap?! Well here is an interesting twist on one of the most boring pieces of kit in your camera bag...

The Smartest Camera Strap Ever

We’ve been hearing a lot about the R-Strap lately, but we thought, “Really? It’s just a camera strap. What’s the big deal?” Turns out it’s a really smart design. The strap hangs diagonally across your chest like a messenger bag, so:

  • It’s more comfortable than a neck strap, and…

  • Your camera stays out of the way at your hip.

  • The smart bit is the little slider attachment that allows you to glide the camera up the strap to your eye so you can take a picture. The camera moves, but the strap doesn’t. See it in action here.

It’s really clever, and we’re kind of kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first.
Added bonus! For all of our thrifty brethren out there, we’re including a couple of ways to make one yourself. Either way, your neck will thank you.

The Original R-Strap ($44)
Make Your Own R-Strap (Version 1)
Make Your Own R-Strap (Version 2)

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