Friday, October 10, 2008

Spotted: SEI & Sassa Christmas 08

Spotted: Alpine Frost is the Christmas 08 line from SEI. This could not be further afield from Sassafras - as it is Christmas "all grown up". It is the colours of a skiing trip in the Alps (I am guessing the name hints overtly at this too ;) and it is more about WINTER than it is about the usual Christmas icons.
Seeing as though I rarely see a spot of snow (what is it with the UK and seasons being out of whack?!!) I am not sure that this one is as applicable... although it is divinely designed to work beyond the weather and create some classy projects!

Spotted: The cute-some offering from Sassafras... Life at the Pole is uber delicious with its perfect little gingerbread men and candy canes. Rather than blowing your eyes out with larger than life colour, it gets away with all the *cutesy* because it has softer tones reminiscent of Christmas's past. I love it. My kids would love it... and I am pretty sure the cute n cuddly followers will be queuing up for a slice of the action.

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Chriss Rollins said...

love gingerbread men and Christmas past.
chriss x