Friday, November 21, 2008

The ALDI effect...

I don't know if anyone caught the programme last night that reported a surge in interest in DISCOUNT stores like ALDI & Lidl. Pundits are calling it the *Aldi Effect*... where consumers are trading down and saving money on their essentials. Aldi apparently promote quality produce at 30% cheaper prices - and 30% is a BIG DEAL.

I have been watching as retailers in the craft industry work to reposition their businesses in the current *pinch* climate. Mad About Cards have a £1 section of their website - and their business is booming. Artymiss specialise in cut price bundle deals... and more and more retailers are switching on to a selection of quality essentials at credit crunching pricing.

Design Objectives just launched a massive deal to support their retailers hit this market demand with loads of £3-4 items now retailing at just a mere 99p. I am pretty sure retailers can use all the support they can get right now (and it is only good news for consumers who are watching the pennies... and can now craft for just a few pounds!)
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