Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Stocking Fillers...

I have made my list, and passed it (as a dutiful wife) to my husband - to alleviate his anxiety on what to buy for me. I think it is the caring thing to do... put them out of their misery ;)

Here are my crafty must haves (and I would love to hear what you are wishing for... as you never know... sometimes you get what you wish for!)
    As far as I am concerned this is my number one ask. I need more *really useful boxes* than you can shake a fist at, to organise my newly acquired jewellery interest (more on that next year!!) as well as to get me organised for smarter crafting. I am a sucker when it comes to those plastic boxes with the blue handles - and Mr Really Useful is going to be really happy with my list of must haves! Not sure if they will fit in my stocking... but that is why we have pillow cases ;)
  2. PENS.
    I adore a good writing pen - and have a whole list of American Craft pens on my most wanted. I love the slick writers, and the galaxy markers... and so have a little space created for my anticipated pen hoard...
    This is a big ask - and definitely not on a stocking filler list. Whether I get it or not, I still lust after a nice canon lens that I have been dreaming about for 6 months. I am not as hard core into photography as Katy G... but I still feel like I deserve some pucker piece of camera kit!
    I have just (after almost a year working with Design Objectives) converted to being a card maker. So now I don't want to hack up my textured cardstock (I am saving that for scrapbook pages) I *need* card blanks to give me a quick base to get those zillion of family cards pre-made for the year... I may even start sending cards with those Wednesday Wish Winner parcels (but don't hold your breath ;)

So what are you hoping will make it under the tree?!!

Becks xxx


Ruth said...

i am drooling for the new (well newish - new to me anyway!!) ek success big punches - circles, scallops, yumm!! scallops are not nearly as delicious a food as they are as a craft tool.. i wish i could write that sound homer makes when he thinks about steak - arrrhghgggggrrr hmmm nope that isnt it.

beksynormz said...

I have asked for a nice big supply of Cardstock, I always need the colour I don't have, so hopefully Santa will bring me a nice selection to choose from!
Beki x

Love to Doodle! said...

Mmmmm - not expecting any of my wish list, but you never know...each day can bring a twist and new journey...and our lottery ticket may come up this's about time me thinks.

Storage and hot pink! - I have a great room just for my craft/work and I am very lucky in that respect I know - but it has old know the thing, drooping bookcases, storage towers of varying colours! What I want is clean white chunkiness of the Ikea variety (EXPEDIT) all through, with shelves full of colourful sturdy boxes containing all my stash....Mmmm...drooling at the thought of my colouful organised chaos

Wacom A4 - I have A5 but a girl's gotta have variety

More time - need some of the magic dust that Father Christmas uses, so that I can stop time...once in a while

More nesties - I have the normal scallop and standard circles/squares etc but would love the tags and hearts etc...not that I use all the time...but nice now and then

More Copics - I have some Copics and Promarkers, but would love to increase my Copic stash...yum


bumblealsie said...

Not really after any crafty stuff. I would dearly love the new limited edition set of CD singles by Queen.