Saturday, November 08, 2008

Unclaimed Prizes!

I have 2 stamp sets here that are unclaimed... so please if you won them email me your address so I can get them off to you. Any unclaimed prizes will be added to the WISH WEDNESDAY pile ;)

I am off to Athens on Monday (urg it is at 3am...) but it is all very exciting as we will be launching a new Jewellery range from January 2009. Cousins is the largest jewellery company in the US (so don't ask me why I have to fly to Athens... but I am not complaining ;)
Looking forward to beady bargains and blog giveaways with a little bling...


Anonymous said...

love jewellery... so looking forward to this!

TwinTrouble said...

I'll be keeping my eye's peeled as my mum is into beading so will hopefully be something new to buy her!
Enjoy your stay in Athens... not jealous at all... honest... LOL :)

smeepee said...

Athens sounds fantastic. Have fun!

smeepee said...

Hi again Becks,

Just to say my stamps arrived today, and I LOVE them. They are absolutely gorgeous!!

Thank you so much!

Jane said...

Whoa Becks you really are a globetrotter LOL
Lovin' the sound of new beads collections and bling. Have fun on your travels!