Monday, January 26, 2009

CHA Winter 09 - Day One...

Spotted: Key trends which are gaining pace in the scrapbook world en mass include

1. The "rhinestone revival":
{Everyone} is doing it... from combo rub-ons with bling (a la Imaginisce, BasicGrey, Kaiser Craft etc) to just plain studded shiny (and pearl) stuff (again, a la BasicGrey, Kaiser Craft, K&Co, Doodlebug, Imaginisce et al...) It seems no collection is complete without the bling factor! You will be inundated, so hold onto your wallets...

Other trends spotted include:

EKSuccess have ploughed into this category with the launch of their Jolee's line of findings and jewellery making components. It is a beautifully packaging and presented range which is already spotted in Michael's stores (alongside their adorably chic Martha Stewart line.) There is so many vendors now coming to the fore, with a jewellery offering, that this category is just hotting up. From cheap plastic bits to full scale quality semi-precious... you are going to be spoilt for choice (and hard pushed to not at least try it just *once* ;) The feel of jewellery is definitely younger, and definitely more DIY accessory (think how the recession will entice those thrifty crafters to make their own... rather than pay top/mod dollar for the same effect!!)

Clear Stamps is not new news (this grew big time in 2008) - but the trend is now to mini stamp sets and smaller price points. Everyone (maybe bar Fancy Pants) is going teeny... and trying to pick at the pocket money purchase - those impulse buys, the ones that fly under the radar of spouse approval ;)

4. FAST:
Autumn Leaves are not the only company to come up with 2 minute scrapbooking... but they are the first to really package it well with a time guarantee as part of the product title. You can select how much time you want to spend; and then be productive to deadline. HOTP championed this cause for much of 2007-2008, but Autumn Leaves has stamped the *cool factor* all over it!

Forced upon the industry, or volunteered... we now have a green agenda and we are seeing some inventive interpretations. My fav is K&Co (as their packaging is fabulous) and they still feel oh so sophisticated along with that environmentally feel-good factor.
Swirls, scrolls and flourishes are flouncing their way into every designer range - whether wood, stamps, paper, emboss templates... you name it, there is a curly wurly swirly option. Loveable and pretty much a staple diet in craft - you can expect the flourish to be a firm fav in 2009.


-Amanda & Tom B. said...

Wow, thanks for that in depth interpretation of what the trends are. This gives me some great insight into what to expect!! Thanks!

~Vittory~ said...

aaaaaaaaaa such a treasure =)

weewiccababe said...

my goodness your head must be spinning Becks.
I'm glad flourishes are in - its a personal fave of mine.
don't work too hard

Ali M said...

oooo.looking forward to seeing the jewellrry componenets..wont hurt to buy more..LOL!!

And the bling too..cant have too much of that!!


Lorraine Robertson said...

Yummy yummy yummy, keep the pictures coming... thanks Becks for sharing with us all back home.

Lorraine xxx

Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow, it looks like heaven :) Kim

silvia said...

Thnaks for the info!!! :0)

Jane said...

I think your in Heaven...or somewhere equally as yummy!