Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crafty Trends... continued

Other key trends spotted include...

    Remember I scoped Uppercase Living last year? Well the scrapbook world is now awash with home decor vinyl applique. Originally Lisa & Becky (Advantus) tried to get us to decorate our walls with hanging things and stickers... then the Cricut (Provocraft) and the Silhouette (QuicKutz) sold vinyl sheets that you could die cut then use to decorate frames, albums, walls et al... and there was at the same time WALLIES (which is a blackboard type vinyl which encourages your kids to "feel free" *which on a sad note my 3 year old daughter DID in my absence on my brand new carpet... joy!!)

    Anyways, we now have virtually all the big boys selling finished die-cut phrases and icons to be used to decorate those all-so-bare walls we Brits have a plenty. They LOOK oh so good in the brochure, but not so sure if they will translate onto our teeny walls in our teeny houses...

    If you thought that rhinestones were the epitome of all things glam, then think again. The trend for glitter speciality finishes on patterned paper has flooded scrapbook manufacturers. It is pretty pricey compared to adding your own glitter at home to a sheet of 50p paper - but the effects are less *homemade* and definitely more bam bling. You won't be able to escape this trend, or the cash it will take out of your pocket to feed the habit!

    Saving the planet was firm on the agenda, but only after saving the pounds in your pocket first. Thus the advent of 99p-esk stamps popping up all over the show (We R Memory Keepers have some cute ones to match that Tiffany line... which is a wowzer one irl!) BUT pack sizes are also reducing, so retailers can buy more breadth, and less depth. With GCD Studios also getting really cost sensitive when it comes to their deliciously designer papers and accessories. The credit crunch is hitting... big time!

I did nip into the TWO PEAS IN A BUCKET cupcake party (Kirsty, Shimelle, Marion and Bev were there also from the UK) and we had a hoot with tsome american lasses on our table. Whilst they were 2 pea buffs, Holly & I were struggling to answer the simplest of quiz questions... although weirdly on my turn I ended up winning a new fiskars trimmer due to my acute knowledge of album manufacturers (aka guess work!?!)

My ill gotten gain will be added to the WISH WEDNESDAY STASH PILE... which is mounting up nicely! There are wallies, t-shirts, a cute Doodlebug shoulder tote and more... for that one lucky follower. xxxx


Unknown said...

My oh my you girls sure know how to have fun...sounds like it was a blast and cupcakes too!

Olivia said...

Love the look of the Tiffany range, think that's going to be one of my favourites :)

Max said...

Sounds to me like you're enjoying yourself far too much LOL!


Clare said...

It all sounds amazing, sorry to hear about your carpet!!

niekolken said...

love the wish granted wednesdays,lovely idea!!!