Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My Christmas Tree has finally found it's annual resting place, and the lights are all tucked away for another year. I have to say that I ate more than I should have... happily so; and conquered Professor Layton (much to the chagrin of my oldest... whose DS game it was from Santa ;)

I enjoyed thoroughly the break... and even the one hour stint on QVC. I am back on the 20th Jan with a very cool TSV. Had I of known that I would be up at midnight launching it, I may have been a little less excited. Me and my sleep go WAAAYYYYY back ;)

I avoided all gifts crafty this Christmas - although was showered with culinary books and gadgets. LOVE EM ALL. I baked until I smelt more of pastry and and stuffing than my fav Victoria Secret Pear Glaze... and I now am the proud owner of more Denby Pottery for all that entertaining I do ;) I la la la'd to Take That, Keane and James Morrison. I have to day that Keane is my absolute fav. There is just something about his voice...

So...back to work next week - and a crazy January to look forward to! There are more trade shows than you can shake a stick at. Globe hoping to the USA and Europe, as well as fitting in a fleeting visit to Athens (have the riots stopped yet?!!) Mix into a full day at QVC, a Wedding Anniversary, my son's 11th and my daughter's 3rd birthday... and well, you get the picture!

Lots of changes too... but details to follow!
Becks xxx


Anesha said...

Sounds like your year is going well so far. Look forward to the TSV on the 20th!

Starr said...

Sound busy but exciting.
Good luck with everything :)
(I love the Professor Layton game too!)

Ana Baird said...

Happy New Year Becks! Can't wait to see your program on QVC