Monday, January 05, 2009

March 2009... and the comeback kid!

There are some products that hit the headlines before their time - and it is worth bringing them back...
Take the QuicKutz clear rockers. Unlike other rocking blocks, they are completely see-through, and don't require a dousing of water to make the clear stamps stick to them ;) They sort of made a pebble *ploush* in the pond of scrapbook products - without causing a ripple... which is a HUGE travesty, as they are kick-ass product. So simple, so useful... and so affordable! No need to dish out your hard earned dosh to get your hands on these babies. Come March '09 you will be revelling in these beauties at rock bottom prices. Just a prediction ;)
Any other great products out there that you love, that peaked and became yesterday's news before they really got to bask in the limelight?
Becks xxx

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LoloDesigns said...

Ooh I had forgotten all about these rockers. Got a load when I bought my Quickutz Revolution but didn't give them a second glance. Am off to bring them out of hiding and give them a try. Thanks for the tips Becks x