Monday, January 05, 2009


I was not shy in coming forward when it came to my feelings on the dreadful novel that is TWILIGHT... and I resisted peer pressure from loads of friends who read it, and went on to devour the entire series.

BUT I have a confession.

I was coerced into a girls night out to the cinema to see Twilight. AND because it WAS a *girls night out* and there was going to be food involved afterwards, I conceded and went along for the cringe-worthy ride of my life.
OK there were some real LAUGH OUT LOUD *naff acting* bits... but sadly by the end of it (actually somewhere near the whole colliding car/heavy breathing part) I was mesmerised by those eyes. Admittedly I felt a little pervy for liking a 17 year old (...but is it any better if he has been 17 for like... eeeeoooooons?!)

Who would have thought...
Becks xx


Beckie Dreyer said...

:P !!!!

Amie said...

I know... the movie WAS pretty dorky in parts, and the script was horrible, but I have to give it to the actors who did well considering the above.

How about that... Becks at the Twilight movie!

(I know you secretly LOVED IT!) ha ha ha ha ha! ;)

You're awsome Becks!