Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wish Wednesdays ARE BACK!

So how many wishes got granted over the Christmas hols?

I pretty much had my *serious wish list* all granted... and I am more the merrier for it. I remember this time last year, and I was not in a particularly great place (work wise) - so looking back at 2008, I can count my blessings... and see that some hard (and not always popular) decisions paid off.

Dusting myself off, and shaking the "serious" malarky, I have some delicious goodies up for grabs. If you are feeling the 2009 excitement - then post what wish you had granted in 2008, and you could be in with a chance to win a wodge of Core'dinations (which BTW absolutely FLEW OOUTTA THA DOOR on QVC.... :)

Did you know that Core'dinations makes coreless (aka regular premium textured cardstock) in white and black... and the retail price is only 25p per sheet????? Wicked eh! You can buy in bulk packs (so 20 sheets for £4.99) of either the black or the white... or as single sheets. Look out for it in a Design Objectives (aka DO) stockist near you!

Becks xxxx


Jane said...

Happy New Year Becks and hope that 2009 continues your success for you. It's a brave woman that takes thinks further up the road that you did, but it worked for you. so congrats and enjoy!

Gayle said...

Hi Becks!
Happy New Year to you...
Of course I have to have a little entry, I do love my core-dinations!
Gayle x

Gayle said...

Sorry, forgot to tell you which wish I had granted in 2008!
I was chosen as a guest gesign team member for Sugar Nellie stamps! That was amazing!
Gayle x

Anonymous said...

my wish which was granted in 2008 was the chance to move to the loveliest little seaside village. it wasn't an easy move at all, but w got there in the end and love it here so much. it really as a wish come true! lets hope during 2009 lots more of all our wishes come true :)

weewiccababe said...

I'm completely addicted to Core'dinations - who needs bazzill?? lol
hmmm, well the wish I had granted in 2008 was getting a place on the local Earlybird Plus scheme, so I learned how to better deal with my son who has autistic spectrum disorder. The course helps parents and professionals to understand how ASD children perceive the world around them and helps to find strategies to help them cope with every day life. It has been a Godsend

Anesha said...

Hi Becks
Glad you had your wish list granted!
Hubby was very good and got me vouchers to spend in a craft shop!!!
What more can a girl want.
Happy 2009!

LoloDesigns said...

Ooh saw this cardstock on QVC but it sold out before I could get it! One of my nicest wishes granted in 2008 was a weekend in the penthouse suite of the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. My partner booked as a surprise so I got to live like a princess in the most beautiful surroundings. Having been made redundant earlier in the year this was a real boost for me, only trouble is I now want to live there all the time ;o)

LoloDesigns said...

Ooh saw this cardstock on QVC but it sold out before I get it!

One of the nicest wishes granted to me in 2008 was a weekend in the penthouse suite at the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. My partner booked as a surprise and I got to live like a princess for 2 days. This was a real boost for me as had recently been made redundant, only trouble is I want to live there all the time now ;o)!!

niekolken said...

I wished to move...and my wish came true!!!
Now I hope my wish to win something....may come true,at laest,I try!!!!
wish you a happy new year

Anonymous said...

I wished that we would have enough money left by the end of the year so my husband and 3 sons could go skiing as much as they like. They've been going at least once a week since the snow started to fly (and even a couple times over the holiday) The best part of this is...since I don't ski, I get the house to myself AND I can scrap to my hearts content. That and play music really, really loud!

Sarah said...

My lovely flat!
Keep up the good work!

Sue Bone said...

I have always wanted to go on a TV quiz show - no idea why. I attended interviews for Weakest Link in October 2008 and in less than four weeks time, I'm going to London to be filmed. AARRRRGHH.

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

Sheryl said...

I had a wish granted last year - my Dad's good health after an operation for prostate cancer. Long may it continue!

Of course, I did have a scrappy wish or two come true last year - two layouts published in a UK scrapbooking magazine and two GDT spots!

Lavender stamper said...

Hi Becks
You can grant my wish any Wednesday & Cardstock is always lovely, especially when you are a self confessed paper stroker like me.
happy Crafting

furrypig said...

i don't think I really had a particular wish last year but I decided to try something new. I've just started out card making and scrapbooking so now I have lots of wishes/ideas and dreams now for my crafting!!!

beksynormz said...

Unfortunately I spent most of 2008 too unwell to be ambitious enough to achieve any of my dreams but that only makes me more ambitious for 2009! Ask me the same question this time next year and I'll write you a list!! My first wish for 2009is to win some Core'dinations!!!! xx

ScrapMad said...

Did not have any big wishes come true in 2008, but ready to work on them this year. Winning some stash would be a nice start to the year.
Happy New Year to you all.

Cassie101 said...

My wish was granted on christmas day when I was told that I will be a grandmother in the summer!!!

Bagpuss said...

The main wish was that my very poorly 97 year old grandma made it through christmas, which she did. But know I have an extra special scrapbook to do for Mothers day.
Loving your Shows on QVC too, keep them comingxx

Katarina said...

My wish was to pass my diving certificate and I did (as you can see on the photo, lol)

I would love to try these papers. Heard so much about them, but they are not available in Sweden, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

joby said...

I wished for good news after a series of tests for cancer and got my wish granted in December.
For 2009 I just wish for my family and friends to stay close and happy.

Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

My wish was to be able to get back to see my grandkids before Christmas... and I did, and had a great time with them. Happy New Year and great success with your blog in 2009.


Leanie said...

Ooh, can never find this to buy and would LOVE to try :)I left my job to work freelance from home and expand my creative horizons... and got a BIA!
Wishing you another great year, Leanne xx

~Vittory~ said...

Hi! Lovely blog candy!!! I would love to try to win!!!

Lats year was blessing for our family! We wanted child and so in April 2008 we were blessed with our little babygirl. I think it was the biggest wish for last year! For this year my wish is to defend PhD thesis .

LoloDesigns said...

Hi just wanted to say a huge thanks for the coredinations cardstock, it arrived today and am already playing with it! thanks xx