Friday, January 11, 2008

It may be old news... but here is something you may NOT know!

Sometimes GREAT things turn up in the most unlikely settings...

Something you may know: Two Scoops may have already hit scrap stores in the UK

Something you may not know: Two Scoops and BasicGrey is set to roll out to a much wider retail audience with the deal struck by Design Objectives (.com) - known to you and me as just DO Crafts - with the deliciously original BasicGrey

Talk about scoops...?

More later,
Becks x


Bernardo said...

WOW, what a nice blog :o

Disgruntled retailer said...

Oh that's just fantastic!! Not going to make a lot of retailers happy though eh Becks! Oversaturate the market with a damn fine product why don't you. Basic Grey will soon be stocked in every garden centre in the country! Well done!

Polly said...

Thanks for your rice pudding reciepe... YUM! And SOOOO much easier than putting in the oven for hours on end.

You made two kiddos, their Daddy and Mummy v.happy.

Hope 2008 brings you some happiness.

rararadley said...

I'm all for nice products being more readily available.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God another fantastic product line going to be distributed through every garden centre, not scrapbooking/crafting store, sold at rock bottom prices, that the smaller specialised stores can't compete with. What are BG doing?

Another Disgruntled Retailer said...

Nice products are already readily available... there are 100s of scrapbook retailers out there already cutting each others throats by undercutting Basic Grey to silly prices... so why not put us all out of business by making it available to garden centres etc?

Becks, for someone who has such a passion for scrapbooking in the UK, you really know how to upset UK retailers.

You may well have a personal vendetta against Scrapgenie, but you are going to upset an awful lot of retailers... again.