Friday, January 11, 2008

If not 'scrapbooking'... what?

Seen THIS? Wacko yanks... we salute you!!
(Wish my blender did that to my regular food... it is pants with a capital P)

Oh and
THIS still tickles all the right spots...

I am having a debate with a friend... and a friend of a friend (and their employer) re the word SCRAPBOOKING. Love it or loathe it, it seems to have stuck in the UK (although it wasn't the term that kicked it all off in the US.)

So if I was to find another word that describes what it is we do... what fits?

Creating Keepsakes ;)
Making Memories (...although by the time we get our sweaty mits on it, surely the memory is made and we are just adding the glam art decor element?!!)
Photo Journaling
Memory Art
Memory Keepsakes (now we are really rocking the boat, thinking outside the box and pushing those boundaries...)
Photo Art
Stuff that is fun to cut up
Playing with Photos (ok; getting silly now - time to stop!)

Just seems odd that we relate to a 'book of scraps' - when we know the price tag for the product we use does not come close to that kind of misrepresentation. Seriously - have you ever worked out how much one of your pages cost...? The SI feature which gives a budget of £5 seems like a tonne of money - yet the layouts just seem to have cardstock and some paper... crikey!! Note: I am not dissing the layouts, but I do tend to always disagree with who the winner should be, but hey that's me. If each of my pages cost a fiver I would be encasing them in something a little more sturdier than a bookcase; more along the lines of a safe and a security guard.

I am ever hopeful that this year will see pricing really regulate and crafters stop being stiffed on scrumptious (*must have*) brands.

{I am holding my hands up high and saying I understand how some smaller wholesalers work and whilst they do their best, it is time to find a better solution... which I think I may have stumbled onto...}

Oh - and one of my favourite stores gave me a unique challenge for the day... to be ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY... {urm, that or a 'Sex Bomb'?!!}

Becks x

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