Friday, January 18, 2008

Easy Peasy Pizza

If you are not joining me in the Gordon-Fest aka bakathon tonight (see HERE), then you may already be debating what to cook tonight. Let's face it... for most women this is one of those thankless annoyances that follows us like a dark cloud all day. It isn't like we are cooking for fun; it is purely functional... We are cooking to have it either 'yucked' at, masticated whilst talking over each other, or (if we are really lucky) swallowed whole without tasting.

Well I have a quick suggestion (totally not my own - and I endow all credit on a good friend... thank you good friend!) You could ALMOST class it as cooking (my quick cheat philosophy) and the Family Factor is included...

4 Small French Bread style Baguettes
Tube of Tomato Paste
Grated Cheese (whatever is in your fridge!)
Optional: Slices of Salami (the German Peppered kind kicks**)

Basically you surround your children around the table (amid moans that they want to watch TV, play on their DS... anything but do homework and help) and then you give them chunks of baguette which you have cut and then halved (hot dog style.) They smear the flat open baguette with the tomato paste whilst trying to aim it at each other and threaten missile launch at any moment. Scold quickly and remove paste from hands to replace with a plate of grated cheese for generously spreading over the tomato-y mush. Finish (if you want, and are not taking any notice of said children's loathe of anything with flavour) with some salami and then pop them into the oven (the garnished baguettes and NOT the children.)

Only a few minutes later and you can gather your happy children back to the table for the now legendary remarks that prelude all family dinners. On this occasion you can retort (and please have it to hand, Blue Peter style) "Well, you made the dinner, so if it is yuck then it is all your fault."

Suitably muted by the strength of your argument, you will have a peaceful 5 minutes whilst they inhale their food and then excuse themselves from the table. You sit smugly knowing that the last laugh is on them, as you dig into a bowl full of Mars Bar Treats and leftover Cheesecake. Oh if they had only stayed for desert ;)

Another dinner down, only a few more zillion to go...
Becks x

P.S. This is what our Pizza really looked like - not some photoshop sampling (so who says image is everything?!)

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