Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Deserts

I am having a rivival in the kitchen dept. (having never really been one to have the time or inclination to slave over a hot stove all day.) I am however flawed in my approach. I relish desert and am happy to focus all my attention on the delivery of this element in my menu.

Case in point:
I had friends over on Saturday and had a Cheesecake, Mars Bar Treats, French Cheeses, Crackers (my favs are Carrs Cheese Melts...well worth rooting around the supermarket top shelves with your t-shirt riding up leaving knickers nicely showing as you reach to the back), Honey Chashews all ready... JUST the little matter of what the heck to cook as the 'main' part of the meal (you don't count Cheese Melts as fully satisfying; but they DO say a Mars-a-day?!!)

For anyone who wants to be forgiven for the earlier offering at dinner... create in minutes some Mars Bar Treats and you will be absolved wholly (and rightfully so!)

Here is what I deem as the entertaining essential must-serve recipe...just DON'T count the calories (and let the blokes eat more... so they absorb the lion share of fat - which looks better on them anyway!)

Mars Bar Treats
4 oz of unsalted butter
4 Full-Size (size here matters ;) Mars Bars

Stir constantly and remove from heat BEFORE it boils or starts to get too hot. The Mars Bars will still be lumpy and you just need to keep stirring (off heat) until they make a shiny gloopy paste...

Stir in:
4 oz of Rice Krispies (although I opt for Tesco's own label which are crunchier for some strange reason!)

If you want to spread the chocolate slavvered krispies out onto a sheet of Bake-O-Glide and eat with hands, then you get brownie points for creating no dishes and extra wife points for serving up a treat that they can eat like cavemen... You can wait to cool; but in our house they NEVER last that long.

Becks x


Rooof said...

Do these set hard... as I am just making some, and taking them to the pictures and wondering if the kids are going to come out smeared in chocolate?

The original...ScrapGenie said...

If you can make them last long enough to set (which they do) then hats off to you... ;)