Monday, January 14, 2008

For The Record

Some interesting comments over the weekend via my blog as well as emailed to me... and not one to shy away from personal questions {actually I am} it seems there is a little confusion over what instigated my departure from ScrapGenie... as well as what I am going to be doing in 2008.

Now a gentleman would know not to ask a lady her age - and it is one of those type of situations where no-one really has the full facts, which leads to everyone guessing. Well as I am 32; that wraps up the question of age...

But it would seem there are some 'other' questions on retailers lips right now... let me see if I can answer a few for you.

Do I still co-own ScrapGenie? Yes.

Do I want to personally 'get back' at Robert Smith (the other owner of ScrapGenie)? No.

Am I moving on? Yes.

Am I selling my half of the business? Yes.

Do I hate scrapbooking retailers? No.

Do I want to kill the scrapbooking industry in the UK? No.

Do I want to make BasicGrey available everywhere? Urm...YES (is this a trick question?) I do not see why only some select online stores feel they are the only ones who can sell BasicGrey and do a good job. There are online stores who DISCOUNT BasicGrey when it is newly released at up to 20% off RRP and hack other retailers off. They sell it at prices that put other stores out of business (see uks for the recent demise of yet more retailers) and then expect me to not want the masses to touch and feel and become addicted to BasicGrey... surely that is a wee bit selfish? I want to see BasicGrey available beyond uks, and out in the craft industry where card makers en mass start getting excited to stroke and cut up a delicious slice of BasicGrey.

Do I want to see BasicGrey discounted? NO. Most legitimate retailers don't either - as they know the designs and demand for the brand is so strong that they will have scrappers queuing to buy the product at a fair price...

If Cadburys said that it would only sell its chocolate through a small niche market range of stores, I imagine that they would not have enjoyed the success they have. Scrapbooking cannot be possessed and held tight like it was only allowed to be enjoyed by a select group of individuals. Scrapbooking should be available all over the UK... so a person can walk into a lovely craft shop in Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield, Chelmsford, Canterbury... and be able to pick it off the shelf - talking to staff and getting advise, education and one-on-one.

Well - if you want to comment (consumers or retailers) please include your name... as random rants that don't add anything to the debate are not worth publishing. BUT I am all for a healthy debate.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Becks x


Julie-Ann said...

Hello Beck's, I for one, being a Bricks and Mortar store first, then going into the cyber world a couple of years ago am concerned that BasicGrey will end up in discount stores. Within a few miles of my shop I have them all including Argos and 'in my opinion' this will devalue this wonderful product. Ok so I am a small fish in a big pond but bigger fish than me have been swallowed by a few leeches. Again I reiterate that this is my opinion and I will probably get slammed for it, but hey, I've got broad shoulders.

The original...ScrapGenie said...

I think that point is valid, and I do not think you will get slammed for it (from me or from anyone else.)

If you look at Argos, the only craft items you see sold are massive value bumper packs of products. You will never see BG collection packs or the range as sold through independents sold through Argos - that is not how/what they sell to the consumers.

BG will not be discounted (unlike the situation now...)

Thanks for commenting!

swifty said...

Becks - please can you read and respond to PMs on UKS. Thanks.