Monday, January 14, 2008

Not for everyone...

I will openly admit to spending a small fortune buying into the recommended products touted at me in Beauty Confidential. I however had a disasterous encounter with one of their Beauty Commandments this last week.

I am a hair-wash-every-day type of girl... and the strong admonition to be the great unclean for 4 whole days left me a little nervous, and very very afraid. But happy to bow to a greater authority {on beauty tips at least} I jumped in with both feet and left my hair unwashed... supposedly the lustre was going to improve and I would look like Ava aka Ms. Bond (oh the Hair Envy!)

Anywho... day 2 of non-wash and I was as greasy as a wrapped bag of chips and a slab of lard (which apparantly is *good* for you?!!) I was NOT feeling at all glamourous OR beautiful. I had to duck in and out of the school so as not to be spotted (which was easy to do with my slicker 'go faster' hair) and I also avoided visitors. I succumbed to lathering up on day 3 and feel so much the better for it.

Lesson Learnt: Sometimes things just don't work for everyone!

There is also a Great Debate going on in the retail industry background, and I have had a few comments which I will post along with some info. Should make for an interesting week. May as well let it all hang out...

Becks x

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