Wednesday, February 13, 2008


You know how your mouth turns to mush, and you start gushing stupid non-complete sentences when you are in slight awe... I really didn't peg myself as one of those people until I bumped into Ali Edwards.

I know heaps of folks, but had never met her really before - and she was chatting to Stacey when I came along. I about started doing that inane giddy giberish thing until Stacey introduced us... and then we started laughing about things (common threads in our lives... it was quite refreshing!) I still found words a little challenging and Kenny was teasing me.

Anyways, she is taller than I imagined - and way more grounded. Very very funny. I have a pic and would upload if it wasn't once again really late and my head is just loosing the will to keep my eyes open after eating at Mortons with Cynthea and John from Doodlebug (love their NEW velvet cardstock!!!) More on Doodlebug to come - but expect some great things from this company now I get to focus and work more with them. Their CHA release is amazing. I will come back and add pics ;)

Becks x

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Emma said...

I am so jealus!!

I love Ali Edwards - her style of scrapbooking and way of life is such an inspiration!

Em x