Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day Two (....)

I neglected to mention so many things from yesterday.

It seems like I get only 20 or so mins each night before we are out with friends - last night it was some great blokes that work with ink. We had a funny time at one of those restaurants when they cook everything in front of your eyes... flicking food into their hat (to a trickle of applause, as we were all too busy engrossed in conversation about the show.) Me and Leandra then collapse (blisters and all) into bed around 11.30pm... so sleep vs. blog is slowly becoming a real choice!

There are a couple of INK trends... and the main one is that each supplier is fast becoming the 'one stop shop'. The big T now has a range of dye inks (Mementos?!) in the pads and the teardrops. The big R (Ranger - that one is easier to spell than the big T!!) now have a pigment ink line that coordinate - again... using some name that I cannot pronounce let alone spell within the limited time I have to write this entry. (It's those mountain ranges... if that is of any help?!)

I love love love the Prima new stuff - very versatile. I think the more product I can manipulate to create a personalised and unique result has a greater appeal. The clear printed overlays are not just about scrapbooking.

Anyways, it is interesting to see people's reaction to my new name badge at this show. I have been sad to say goodbye to my past ScrapGenie life - as it feels like a lot of who I am, or at least was. It is who everyone associates me with. I was asked to come on board with a new premium division within the Design Objectives team - and head it. I am excited (actually excited does not quite capture the feeling... ) but I am getting to work with some pretty special brands (and people!!) I know retailers that I have previously worked with have questions on how to get hold of product... so just email me directly and I will be able to answer anything.

I know that change is scary - I have felt that personally, as well as in a business sense. I also know that change can bring good things... and this change for me has felt right.

More Later,
Becks x

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Jenny said...

That's brilliant news for you Becks!