Monday, February 04, 2008

CHA - Miss Fancy

Spotted: Lots going on with Miss Fancy Pants... Felt, Stamps, Chipboard (of the big variety) as well as Glitter Cuts (bling, bling, bling...) and Calendar Sets (urm, because in March we will all be making Calendars...?!) I still LOVE their humongous stamp sets... yeah, so they cost the world... but BIG is extravegant and we are totally worth it. Love their chipboard too - although I also love the Rusty versions... (and they are 'affordable' - not allowed to say the word 'cheap'... that just won't DO.)
Love how Jodi has developed this company (brought in designers) and moved on from those original paint slodged papers first release... anyone got any?! Anyone?! If you do, and you can email me a photo of you with a sheet of first born Fancy Pants paper, I will send you a set of Two Scoops stamps... can't say fairer than that!

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