Monday, February 04, 2008

CHA - Sneak from BasicGrey

Spotted: Okay so we *know* that BasicGrey are releasing 5 new lines (Archaic, Cupcake, Boxer, Sugared and Sultry...) BUT what we are not allowed is images until 10th February... (although I have seen the complete lines and they are highly desirable... Kirsty lick your socks and jaffas off... just great lines. I have been waiting to see other boy ranges that will go reptile etc - but it looks like everyone else has gone ROBOTS. So what is going to win your affections? Primeval-esk papers or techno-zone?!! I know what rules in our house... and I am pretty sure that were ANY manufacturer to come out with wii papers... then they would have a global hit on their hands!
Becks x

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