Monday, February 04, 2008

...The Garden of Eden

No job = more time to scrap... *which is a welcome change from running a company.*

I have already hit double digits, and managed to finally scrap my 2 year old (who is unforgiveably absent in the layout ratios...) Eden is a real got-getter... and nothing stands in her way (stairgates, closed doors, locked rooms, padlocks, the word 'no'...) Do NOT be fooled by her blonde hair, blue eyes... ;)

I head out to CHA this week, with some new work friends - and some old ones. I am looking forward to catching up with all the latest products; probably more excited at seeing what changes 2008 brings. I have been asked to work on a new project (not full time... which is the big shift I made at the end of 2007) and I will still get to do what I love.

So will keep you updated on what catches my eye... and any murmurings in the underworld of scrap. I know Maya Road are looking to make an announcement - or at least hinted at it... so we shall see!! I will also let you know a bit more about my project as we finalise the details. It is all very James Bond for now.

Becks x

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