Friday, February 22, 2008

Fill yer boots...

Don't you think all those preeeeetty boxes need filling with stacks of stash? They look kind of lonely without bulging seams and lids crammed down... almost a freak of scrap nature ;)

On a personal note: Storage is a life saver in my house - as with 4 *growing like weeds* children to contend with; there is never enough room! Whilst my older boys are now down sizing into DS Lites, Wiis etc - my girls are all al la carte kitchen sets, barbie houses and dressing up tables (oh the shape of things to come!!) My craft space had to vacate the house early last year... but since it is external, I rarely venture out in the cold and dark. Summer will bring untold creativity I am sure - at least that, or it is time to move house! Can't do anything about the kids... as they are for keeps ;)

I have a new catch phrase (one I did NOT learn from the Bob-Meister) but from AK. I have always promoted being a SPECIALIST... in most of my retailer training days or workshops. I have been beating the drum for not diluting sales by trying to be a jack of all trades and master on none; and having a specific message to reach out to consumers with. Speaking to Bryan from The Glitter Pot (and then going to look at pics of his be-you-tiful store) he reminded me that success is really the result of FOCUS.

In my new job I am focused on a limited number of premium brands... just because I have worked in a business that has a zillion balls all in the air, and none of them end up landing in the right place. Rather than try and be everything - I am looking at just being the BEST at a few things. Scrapbook Retailer also had a feature where it reminded stores to just decide WHO you are going to carry; then be in stock... and be reliable on those brands.
Lastly, it is rumoured that Lakeland is no longer going to continue their Craft Catalogue forward after the summer. What a bold move...
Oh - maybe Lakeland wasn't the last note... the last note is this little slice of heaven thought... 6x6 paper pads by Doodlebug (and that includes their Sugar Coated cardstock & new Crushed Velvet cardstock...) Is that thought not enough to make you start organising space and set aside storage JUST for those little bundles of perfection?!! Will keep you posted ;)
Becks x

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