Thursday, February 21, 2008

It can be done!

Hils comment made me laugh... thank you!

I think it is a SHOCK to find nice PaperMania... but you just wait!! I saw all the Chrimbo ranges late yesterday, and they are gorgeous (that Emma is one clever chick ;) She has some new products aside from paper - which I think I am putting on my MUST HAVE list. (I guess I get to have them too?!!)

Anyways, keep the layouts coming for the new mag. I know this is shameless begging - but we have 27 days (yep, 27 days!) to get this beauty to bed... so nothing like a deadline to make life interesting ;)

I also got emailed a funny description of what SCRAPBOOKING is... and you need to be sitting down for this classic. (It kind of rolls off your tongue...)

"High Grade Paper and Expensive Embellishment Archival Decorator Album System"

Thank you Katy!

More later,
Becks x

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