Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PaperMania facelift...!!!

I realised that I have neglected to rave (and swoon) about the new DOODLEBUG. I did know that they were heading down that whole Velvet/Flocking trend... and happy to see that they are pretty much first to the post on that front (although I expect CHA Summer to bring a whole plethora of pliable, strokable papers... from any company who spotted the lusciousness...)

^^^--- NOT the new stuff - but still tasty!

I got a sprite-ly email from Marieke saying that her blog had some new projects on... seriously fell off my chair when she mentioned they are Papermania. First Kirsty Wiseman making PM look good; and now Marieke. I think it must be the ultimate challenge... although under the watchful (and tasteful) eye of the delicious Emma C; PM is changing. We like facelifts (minus the injections) so if I can snaffle some sneak peaks I will!

I have been working on my new publication - out in May 2008 (launch issue.) I am inherently a real control freak type with a really firm idea of how the magazine should look and feel. I don't tend to look at the existing Scrapbook Inspirations and Scrapbook Magazine as a benchmark - rather set my own standard, and think off the beaten track a little. I really hope you love it. The price is tonnes less than the other scrapping mags - but no expense is spared on the quality and the design... fingers crossed eh?!

I DO need reader type gallery pages!! So this is a blatant cry for help. If you have any that use BasicGrey, Doodlebug, PaperMania... then email me :)

Becks x


Hils said...

I went shopping for Papermainia yesterday and I was so surprised at the stunning 12 x 12 paper an velum and stunning pearl brads available at my local shop. I would have never even looked before. I have done an amazing LO complete with handwritten journal. I will pop it through and maybe you will like it. I also used the x-cut tool which I find fantastic!

Stampin' Up! Gal said...

Papermania has really changed and has become lovely things. Love the pink stash in the pic!!