Sunday, February 10, 2008

La la la la....

Arrived: have already eaten lunch at Laguna Beach (amid scantily clad beach volleyball players); visited Michaels (and succumbed to a Cuttlebug which admittedly had 30% off, so was a temptation too much... it will get sold to my husband as a 'market research' investment ;)

We ate out last night with the entire BasicGrey team... bumping into Heidi Swapp (same restaurant, same duff service!) Spotted Melody Ross in the lobby as we (Leandra from PaperArtsy and I) staggered back to our room... not from drink mind, as I am tea-total... just the jet lag!

I had visited the Press Room in a spare moment and spotted a few things:

Ellison have gone pink and black (a little Heidi Swapp influence) and by far had the best kit giving away 4 huge new dies... and a nice pink bucket (which unfortunately will not be returning with me in my suitcase...) They are definitely rebadging as pretty.

The Around the Block tool is a corner rounder (you know like the one Heidi Swapp raved about on her blog early last year, and that got sold via - for over $100! I did get one - just to test it's hardcore ability to cut through zillions of Bazzill sheets... and it does live up to its reputation for performance.) So the question is, is does this pink and pretty cutter really do the job? I am going to test it out... as if it is under $40, then it will be a must have tool for anyone who likes curves (and that surely must be every respectable lady!)

The BasicGrey is so much better irl... seriously! Kellee (Goree) who ate out with us last night - and is the funniest little lady from Kentucky (she has an infectious laugh) just does wonders with it. I am looking forward to working more with her this year - she is just wet your pants funny (and talented... but funny first.) We did already start talking about new product for later this year... and Rachel (owner/designer) has just some knock-your-socks-off ideas... and me and Kellee are signed up for 10 of everything... more to follow ;)

I did discover that Inique Boutique is infact Inque (as in ink) Boutique - which actually does not sound as cool... but I can live with it. We have breakfast with them in an hour, so I better go get scrubbed up and wrestle puffy eyed Leandra for the bathroom. (what is it with our eyes?!!) I did take a pic of mine... which is healing nicely. It is a running joke that I have left my wonderful, long suffering (beach volleyball loving) husband at home for half term with our adorable 4 kids - so he poked my eye out to get even. I am sure (!??) that isn't the case - and that it was a total accident (that's what he said?!!)

More Later,
Becks x

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Beckie said...

Ooo there is a little green monster running around my living room! Have fun and can't WAIT to here of all the developments ;)