Monday, February 11, 2008

Day One (1)

We had an early meeting with the folks from Inque Boutique - and have to say that I did not realise that they have the coolest chipboard. It is 3 stinking 12x12 sheets of white chipboard for under £5! Serious... £5!! You usually only get one sheet for that. It is white - unlike the majority of raw chipboard out there... and I am guessing that if Cosmo are pushing the black, then white has its appeal too. Easy to stamp on, much better to work from as a base canvas... and did I mention 3 sheets?!!

What else I liked (as well as Stephanie*) on the Inque booth, was bumping into Stacey and Kenny. I had known them before (in both our previous lives) and when I was aware of what was going on over the Christmas period, my heart did go out. No-one deserves all the rubbish that comes with a failed business. No-one deserves to be kicked when they are down... and I never get why as women we like to smack other women who just try to do something they love. Well we had a good cry (there were a few of us girls all there... Catherine, my mentor *I am your number one fan* from Scrapbook & Cards was in our girly corner with the Ed Kerry.) I am looking forward to working with this company... their new lines will rock it. £9.99 for a paper pad and chipboard?! Out of this world. You might call it cheap - but I like to think of it as exceptional value for some quality designed product ;)

Spotted the Anna Griffin totes and her *pretty* stuff... her Press Kit did say how she loves to make beautiful things... and it is definitely something she has a knack for. Also loved the Pink Paislee up close - but then I knew that I would. It feels fresh, yet like it should have be in my craft stash for the last year. (Whenever I pull something new out of a box, that is the yarn I spin... what this old thing?!!)
I will upload more pics in a new entry - just to keep these pics short and sweet.
Becks x

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Stephanie Barnard said...

Hey, Becks!

It was GREAT meeting you! I can't wait to see you again, soon! {hint, hint!}