Monday, February 11, 2008

Day One (2)

Loved DREAM STREET... looked a zillion times better in real life. Did spot Trimcraft speaking with them... so maybe we will see them under the Dovecraft label ;)
Jenni Bowlin is another range that is a personal fav. How can you NOT love what this girl does with paper... and those journaling cards?! She is the origin journal card genius in my book. Okay Heidi S also gets a look in on the crown - but Jenni has a little vintage 'umph'.

I chatted with Melody *hero* Ross - and again it was nice to look back on our past lives and see just what lessons we have learnt. Seriously, if someone could have handed me a manual on this stuff over 4-5 years ago, I maybe would never have taken that blind leap. But now I see the relationships I have with these strong women. It is the good bit to this scrapbooking industry - maybe even the best bit. I hugged Jorjana Brown... the original All My Memories (AMM) Founder; and I realised how much I missed working with her.
Things are changing - they are. You can either fight it, or you can find out what it is all about. I caught up with the lovely Mr T Bramwell, and met Alison for the first time. They are just good people - great competitors, great accents (I love a broad accent... feels like home!)

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