Monday, February 11, 2008

Day One (3)

That corner rounder punch is a cool tool - officially!
It can slice its way through 100 sheets - and we did try it out on the catalogue... like butter! Granted they had this burly bloke wielding it... but our test was to see if old ladies could do it (no problemo) and then another bloke (a TRUE test!) Sure enough... easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Just HOW much you will use this tool - no idea!?? You for sure will use it if you make cards in bulk or class kits... but I am not sure how many of us need to trim perfectly 100 sheets at any one time... so therefore a little hand held £6 gadget would do the trick??
The price point on this is $49.99 (don't quote me, as I actually can't remember... it was a long day!) So would you pay around £40+ for this?! IT looked good, definitely does the job... just don't know if you need the job doing...
That is the dilemma!!
Also - on the SLICE (Making Memories) you have to hold it down the whole time it is cutting. So seriously, you could cut out the basic image they have in a quicker time (saving yourself money and time...) I just don't get why you have to hold it down... it wastes your time. Fair enough it is slow and only cuts one image in any given time - images need to get more creative btw... too too basic - but if you are having to be sat holding ti down the whole time... doesn't that feel like a complete waste of your time? Boredom would sink in after the first 3 letters of a title (es;pecially LONG ones...) Just my opinion. Nothing to shriek about... priced at $149, I think I will stick with my Cricut Expression.

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like reading your blog but urgh! please turn off the music (any music not just Paolo!)