Monday, February 11, 2008

urm... shhhhhhh!

I would say 'wish granted' on the removal of the music - as per request... but would that be a little cheeky ;) Anyways, whoever Ms/Mr Anon is... the music (and my lovely New Shoes - which evidently caused me grevious pain yesterday, have gone.) As Depeche Mode used to say... ENJOY THE SILENCE!

So today brings a few exciting high points.

I get to meet Shelli Gardener - the founder of Stampin Up! The lady is a living legend; another strong lady that needs hats taken off in her presence. I am sure to glean some great tips... would have loved to learnt from her about a few things. So if you had one question to ask to a lady who is behind a £120 million a year global business... what would it be?!! Can I borrow a tenner doesn't cut it...

Later, Becks x

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