Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stampin Up STOMPS

I really want to go back and photoshop these pictures... just because my borrowed laptop doesn't have a cropping tool - but I guess sometimes you cannot photoshop your life. Case in point was the early meeting I had with Shelli Gardener.

I have to say that of all the ways to start your day - starting it with a long conversation and interview with this lady is one of my all time recommendations. She is an inspiration. NOT in the way you would think though... NOT in the 'life is perfect' way; more like LIFE IS GOOD... but it sure is anything but perfect.

If you are a woman and you want to know if you can 'have it all'... well I am happy to share my discovery that you can't. Shelli would (and did) say the same thing. As women we have to choose (the men do too... so this is not a sexist thing.) We have to choose what we want the most, and the price we are willing to pay for it.

This great hero of mine has paid the price for her success. She has an amazing husband... and because of his support she has been able to create this company that is just about all the things we want. Starting it as a way to find a little social outlet (she had 4 kids at home) and her sister needed some extra cash... the company was a result of doors being closed in their faces, and plenty of 'No Thanks' being dished out.
Sometimes it takes a NO to get to YES. And so if no-one was going to work with them, they just decided to work it out on their own... and so they created the leading home workshop company. I think it is good to see that women can have this global outreach. I also marvel that she is grounded, absolutely not looking her age - and just still loving very much what she does.

Anyways, my experience this morning was memorable. I have heard a few rumours all circulating about me today - and it makes it easier to rise above it all. Great women exist (men too - just few and far between ;)

Becks x

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