Friday, February 29, 2008

Product Review: BG Precision File Set

This tiny set of filing fun has been out for a while now... but still folks think they can get by without it *tut tut*. I remember the first time I was on Ideal World I used a foot file *GASP* to get that rough and ready ;) look... HAD I known then what I know now... I would have had a more 'effortless' time.

I have to say that this is one product that I LOVE (and that is in capitals and said very slowly for dramatic effect.)

The Precision File Set from BasicGrey is around £6+ (again it can vary... but that should be a thing of the past soon - good deals all round instead of a postcode lottery ;)

What makes this uber cool is the mix of shaped and curved files - so all those wee letterings, chipboard nooks and crannies, and even the big hulking cardstock papers can get the weathered touch. Distress isn't always necessary - but when you want the white core of something to show through (Lasting Impressions papers are PERFECT for this - along with the Cuttlebug embossing templates...) then these small and neatly formed files are the answer.

Tell me I am wrong... but they are MUCH more expensive in the Jewellery market - same sort of thing but with a hefty price tag (shudder!!)

MY VERDICT: If crannies and crevices get the feathered, hacked or daintily distressed treatment... well its got to be a craft must-have.


purple_nikki said...

I want one too! lol


Pam said...

Now this is a gadget I've heard a lot about but never tried- must go search for one- and a Tim Holtz paper distresser while I'm at it!

Glee-scrap said...

Great review! I love my BG file set! Thanks for all the links I've been enjoying to CHA videos, products, etc. .....great blog!

Becks Fagg said...

Ooo Pam - that Tim Holtz distresser is coming this way... so hold your hat and horses - as I have a few things up my sleeve (well actually Emma C does ;)

Thanks for commenting