Thursday, February 28, 2008

Product Review: BG Rub-on Roller

Okay - going to start reviewing some product that I have been able to play with... just because who wants to waste money if it just isn't worth it?! You may be sat on a mountain of cash; but I certainly am not ;)

So this is priced in the UK anywhere from £5.95 - £8+. I hate that for one. WHY will someone have a couple more quid less just because they didn't scour the net for a discount... I think this is where I like the fact that the playing field and pricing will be much fairer in future.

Okay - that is probably my only whine.

I think this tool is really easy to use - no rocket science. It just smoothly rolls the rub-on onto your paper or card without any heavy handed indenting. It is comfortable to hold - sturdy (and not likely to splinter like your fav lollipop stick.) You then 'fix' the rub-on in place by flipping to the flat end and gently swiping the paddle over your rub-on.

I think most folks forget to 'fix' the rub-on and then wonder why it comes up... Either that or they buy those really bad original Heidi Swapp ones that wanted to flake upon a glance (that was not funny!!) LOVED the style - HATED the quality... what a waste of money!

MY VERDICT: Chuck out the sorry excuse of a chopstick and start rub-on rolling in style. It is a posh piece of kit that does a thankless task - but sometimes we are worth a little extra help ;)

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