Thursday, February 14, 2008

So la la long...

Just a quick note to say that I have waved goodbye to LA (and CHA) - but not without a fitting end; bumping into Sharon and Ozzy Ozbourne... what are the chances eh?!

Having that 'disbelief' expression (aka gormless...very attractive) on my face, meant I was too busy to even fumble for a camera...
But the lady looks good up close! She was all smiles and waving to little children - whilst the big burly bodyguard hustled. Not the least bit hampered by ANY attention from passer-bys, I think they boarded their 4pm flight to LHR on Air New Zealand without much pomp and circumstance (just me and the boys staring...)
One of those bizarre moments... but still does not top ALI!
I will do a full round up of the show - as the Die Cut trend is definitely here to stay. Whether it is die cut sheets of intricate cardstock (aka KI Memories, Rouge de G) or smaller scale die cut felt (try Queen & Co) or Maya Road sheer sheets. Die cut machines are getting more technical and delivering much more versatility in terms of materials they can be used with, as well as the detail and volume of designs they can deliver.
Cricut is still a show stopper - and the Pazzles is not far off (if you can swallow the set up time... beats the craft robo in my book hands down.) It does mean that prices are going up - as the machines are higher spec; but then who wants a dusty old Xyron machine that didn't really perform... in favour of a machine that costs twice the price but offers a zillion times more options.
So there it is. Die Cutting. Who would have thought?! Ready made, multiple media - but all about personalising a design from your fingertips - making you the die cut expert. So long die cut shapes in store...
Will catch some zzzzz's and be back!
Becks x

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