Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

Flying home on Valentines Day actually worked out well for me... Mr Branson gave me a freebie {cheap as chips} card (I think more intended for travelling men that could not arrive home empty handed on Valentines...)

I however had a make n' take BasicGrey card to hand (so what if they were mass produced at the show... it was at least made by my own fair hands ;)

I headed home to find a massive bouquet of Roses in my room... wow! Having looked after our 4 children all week, and it been *half term* - to still find sanity at home was a miracle.

I had to laugh at the close up (enlarged) photo card of my eye - my good eye... and that EYE LOVE YOU promise ;) Humour still reigns supreme!

Okay... onto off load off these pics now that I have photoshop to edit!
Becks x

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