Friday, March 28, 2008


Announcing: The product that is heading out to our 100 BLOG TESTERS is an E-Z Runner from Scrapbook Adhesives (worth £4.99!)

Glue is pretty fundemental in craft - and 3L have been beavering away even since I began Scrapbooking, creating a pretty impressive range of products. But, we want to *know* what YOU think {honestly}...

SO - come Monday, our lucky 100 will be sent their *free sample* to road test with their photos, with their paper, card and embellies... and just really give it a hardcore road test. Details will be included in your wee parcel... and if you have any questions just shout ;)

Enjoy playing!!!

1 comment:

greyparrot said...

ahhhh look forward to this one- I was pondering over this exact thing in a shop the other day!