Friday, March 28, 2008

The Tour...

Thursday was a blur.
Awake at 4am and then on the road after 6am... it felt like I had already worked a day by the time I arrived at the office. BUT - there was Cadbury Creme Eggs simply strewn around the place - all begging to be scoffed... and I am more than happy to oblige. It seems that everyone in the office thinks they are 'for looks'?!! Not in my company...

Beckie rolled in and we played - but mostly her and Katy played whilst I tapped away on creating a really cool (and exclusive) product that Doodlebug lovers are going to go nuts for. Watch this space ;)

Beckie had driven a pick up truck... and yes, we both rolled into it and chugged (peddling fast) along behind a nice BEEEAMER (we were the snail in his rear view mirror.) The hotel shouted for some bed bouncing and some "ooooo look at the sea" before we ditched all the sales team and made our way to the Cinema (after a d-lish Indian) to just laugh and cry our way through the night. The boys ROLLED their eyes when we said we were watching 27 Dresses... and they were rightly rolled, as I *know* my Better Half would have cringed his way through this little love fest of a film. Unashamedly a chick flick... and better viewed in good company ;)

We did chat with the boys when we got back - and they got very excited when we started talking craft. WHO KNEW that men would get so giddy just with a hint of a cropadile, big bite, doodlebug pad or basicgrey precision file set... very very funny!

So Friday I let them loose on our in-house samples and they were punching holes in their belts and setting eyelets like men possessed. I feel much better letting blokes out on the road knowing they *adore* our product ;)

Speaking of the road... it looks like there is a ROADSHOW in May! ONLY for retailers... but still a pretty exciting chance to see what we have coming... and also get to treat all our retailers to lunch. Food and fab products... ;)

Okay - I have Guest DT members to announce (I am going to open it to 3 this month, as I like the idea of maybe progressing Guest DT members to full time... if they are up for it?!!) Imagine being published in a mag that gets read by over 200,000 (yep, you read it right...) 200,000 crafters!! Now there is a little reason to get submitting BEFORE MONDAY! This isn't just a wee DT... this is the real deal ;)

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