Friday, March 07, 2008

Blog Testers UPDATE!

Spotted: Ever want to be prompted into journaling - then bookmark THIS SITE as it is a gem! Sometimes those creative ideas are in short supply... and this is a definite visit worth a quick peek and a real delve... I dare you not to read and start thinking that you have been missing some vital info off your layouts ;)

Okay, time to reveal a little more to the 100 lucky Blog Testers... and you at home that did not comment and missed out THIS TIME ;)

I will be sending Blog Testers a product that retails for £4.99. It is one of those 'must haves' when crafting... a basic essential that is you simply cannot live (or at least craft) without. I have a list of blogs... and need more!! So keep emailing me your details. My fair assistant Katy will be sending out the samples at the end of the month - and if someone is missing, then I am creating a reserves list.

Have a great weekend, and see you on the other side!
Becks x

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Katy said...

Love Overlooked! Ashley is a revelation for journalling and encouraging us to get scrapping those little things that get (appropriately enough!) overlooked!