Saturday, March 08, 2008

National Craft Month!

Press Release:
For the past 14 years National Craft Month has been a time to celebrate art and the benefits of crafting. This year, CHA combined the popularity of general crafting with the latest fashion movement to create Fashion Crafting as the theme for National Craft Month encouraging consumers to create handmade, personalized clothing and accessories.

Today we are seeing the crafting and fashion industries blend. The Do-It-Yourself boom has enabled consumers to utilize craft products to alter existing items and create customized, wearable art and hip couture. This trend provides enormous opportunities for the craft industry.

Does it really ever get to this side of the pond?
We have a Craft Month - but I dare to bet that it is not as high profile ;)
The biggest campaign I have seen is the Marie Curie Cancer Care Campaign - and Hugh Grant (Mmmmmm melt!) is involved with the Radio/TV coverage. Anyone Creating A Card For Cancer Care? I am going to have a go this weekend... as 2 of my SIL's mums died of Cancer late last year - making the recent Mothers Day quite sad. I guess the stats show that most of us know someone who is affected... so it touches us all personally.
So if you have some spare bits and pieces and 10 odd minutes (of peace and quiet) why not create a card, and send it in so Marie Curie stores can sell your work and make money!
Later, Becks x

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