Monday, March 10, 2008

Manic Monday!

...seriously 52% of you (as of today) have been published! That is amazing... (although only a few folks have fessed up and clicked to vote.) Still good stats...

Monday rears its ugly head - and some great things to look forward to this week (... like SMAC!) I *love* this show. I think it is more fashion and parisian charm than anything that sets it apart. A huge wealth of inspiration (colours EVERYWHERE) and you have the most creative displays that I have seen at any trade event.

I know it is not for the average 'Jo Public' (except on the last day) but it is so worth a quick eurostar trip into gay Paris for a mosey. If you can beg borrow and steal a reason to go... then do!

Quick Tip for the day... if you don't want to feel sick by 11am, then try to avoid dipping your finger in a tub of Betty Crocker frosting (repeatedly.) IT tends to have the same sickening affect as starting your day with a Mars Bar (although Julia in the office swears by it...)

Later, Becks x

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