Monday, March 10, 2008

Fav new product...

...been playing with the lovely GROMLETS (even the word is delightful) from We R Memory Keepers... and have to say that I am smitten. If you fancy 'shuszching' up a card (maybe one for Cancer Care?) then these metallic marvels are perfection incarnate.

Similar to an eyelet (but with SPIKES instead of a post back) they are a zillion times the size (a tad exagerated ;) ... so colour, detail, embossing and more are all bigger and better. The end result is an accent that wows. You don't need a microscope to spot it on a layout... and if you were really 'out there' you could start messing with your kids jeans and add a little girly accessory to personalise. The boys may get a kick out of it too - but chances are that you just crossed the 'cool boundary' ;)
Anyways, they work a treat with the Big Bite... xx

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