Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look who came to play... notice NEW BG on the tables?! I got some of the gals playing for me. Also got them testing some product. I still have more silly pics (as it was LATE and we got silly and tired as the night progressed...)
Have to say that David (Craft Obsessions) is a sweetie... as he came with his wares and it was like bees around honey. The whole room went WHOOSHHHHHH all over him and his paper as soon as he arrived! It's the LYNX affect ;)

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Anita said...

Was a great time at the crop last night and good to see you although I didnt really speak .... ! I was the late arrival who sat down the end with Sandie with the felt embellishments !
Cant wait to buy some of the fab new BG stuff , loved what Sandie and Jo created last night , truely gorgeous layouts using truely gorgeous stash ! Off to arrange a second mortgage now for future stash spending.... !