Saturday, March 15, 2008

My personal stylist

I have this obsession with learning... I *LOVE* it! I am currently on a mission when it comes to inks and stamping. Hardcore stampers know the complete ins and outs of what an ink does, and how it does it, and what ink to use where (mind boggling...) Scouring forums and reading and playing is all great... but you know what; I prefer that one on one.

I am the same when it comes to cooking or anything step by step... I need a personal tutor to guide, pause when I want (and not when the folks in the class dictate) as well as rewind and review when I didn't get it the first time.

I have found my perfect solution though... and I am now hooked!!

Online video clips (on Photoshop, Digi Scrapping, Stamping, Cooking, Home Decor...) are now my fav pastime. I figure that with a touch of a button I can have my very own personal stylist to bring me up to speed (when it is convenient for me... not them ;) on techniques and just 'stuff' that I *need* to know.

So I will share the really good ones - as I reckon you will be as hooked as me. Bookmark them, add them to favs, get them in an easy spot for clicking on... and then when you have a moment when the kids are thrown in the garden to play, or when DH is out for the night... you can bring a little celebrity know-how right into your living room.

Spotted: Anna Davenport & Dulie Jackson are now on a new Create & Craft Cardmaking DVD. So if you want a little Origin-al (see what I did there??) tuition... it may be worth a looky. Not out yet; but coming soon. I think I prefer the instant access of them both online ;) BTW Anna is like a Goddess... very cool chic!

Later, Becks x

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Phillip said...

What the heck?! LOL! That was so... weird! It took me a couple of times viewing to realize it was edited, and THEN it was funny.